Thursday, May 30, 2013

Almay Intense i-color (smoky-i for browns)

Smoky eyes are all the rage these days. When creating a smoky eye you can experiment with the shades that you want to use. Almost all makeup brands have created a palette for smoky eyes. Some have different palettes depending on your eye color.

Let's face it that's great, right? This takes the guess work out of which shades you should use to create a smoky eye. Instead you now have all the colors needed to create a smoky eye at you fingertips. Even better most times the palette has a diagram telling you where to place the shadows on your eye. This is pure genius if you ask me.

These palettes may have been created with a specific eye color in mind, but this by no means limits them to a specific eye color. These really are versatile to other eye colors. For example, purple shades are great for making green eyes pop, but then again they are also great for brown eyes.

Anytime I am told not to do things of course my curiosity is piqued and I want to do them :) so by being told this palette is for brown eyes I say psssh I will rock these babies. I have green eyes and I will not be limited to palettes designed for green eyes.

Almay is a drugstore makeup brand but does have great quality makeup. They are one of my go to drugstore makeup brands along with Milani and Wet n Wild. They are affordable, have great pigmentation, and have long lasting staying power.

Today's Face of the Day was created using the Almay Intense i-color #401 smoky-i for browns.

Brow Bone & Inner Corner - lightest cream shimmer shade at the top of the palette
Crease & Under the Eye - medium purple shimmer shade in the middle of the palette
Lid - darkest brown shimmer shade at the bottom of the palette

Have you tried any of the Almay Intense i-color palettes?

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