Monday, May 6, 2013

28 Cosmo Collection Palette

Recently I spotlighted the 28 Fuego Hot Color Collection Palette from Crown Brush. I liked the palette so much that I wondered if Crown Brush had any more 28 palettes. I did a little research and found that they also have a Blizzard and a Cosmo Collection Palette. I knew instantly based on the Cosmo Collection's packaging that this was a palette for me.

The 28 Cosmo Color Collection Palette comes in a pretty pink case that has a crystal beading detail. This palette is the epitome of girly. It contains neutral and bright colors. The colors are shimmer and matte. The shimmer colors have excellent pigmentation whereas the matte colors do come off a little streaky, but can be built up. The same rules apply as always that you need a good primer/base to really let these puppies shine.

I decided to swatch the eyeshadows from this palette since there aren't many swatches of this palette out there. I believe swatches are very crucial when deciding to buy a makeup product. I want to know what I am getting myself into beforehand ;)

Just thought I would mention when I ordered this palette one of the shadows arrived broken. You will notice it is the brown in the first row. The mattes are very soft and I find can easily break if too much pressure is applied to them.

I will be using this palette for tomorrow's Face of the Day.

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