Tuesday, May 7, 2013

168 2nd Edition Eyeshadow Palette

Today we live in a world where the sky is the limit. We have many options and we like it that way. For girls, makeup is no different. It makes our lives easier when we have everything we could possibly need in one place. Take it from me, unless you have the time to spare it isn't fun having to create an eye look using many different palettes.

Imagine if you can, a palette that comes with an abundant number of eyeshadows. Now imagine these eyeshadows come in all different colors. Stay with me here. Taking it even further imagine that these eyeshadows are matte and shimmer. Still following?

One such palette that offers all of the above and it is the 168 2nd Edition Eyeshadow Palette. Sure there are also 88 palettes, 120 palettes, and 180 palettes. Each of these palettes has something different to offer.

The 168 palette has all colors ranging from neutrals to brights and mattes to shimmer. The pigmentation is better on the shimmer colors. The staying power is great paired with a good primer or base. The eyeshadows can be applied wet or dry. Some of the matte colors can be a little hard to pick up on a regular eyeshadow brush so I do recommend using a synthetic brush.

This palette would be perfect for someone who loves variety, convenience, and experimenting. This palette can be purchased on ebay by searching 168 palette 2nd edition. It can also be purchased from Sedona Lace for $29.95. Sedona Lace is best known for their makeup brushes, but in addition sell palettes.


Make sure to check back tomorrow to see the Face of the Day created using this palette.

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