Saturday, May 4, 2013

10 Dollar Mall Haul

Recently I was browsing some of the blogs that I follow and I ended up on one of Nouveau Cheap's postings. There was mention of an online site by the name of 10 Dollar Mall and that they were selling NYX products.

I was instantly intrigued and found myself quickly navigating to a new web page before I had a chance to finish reading the full post. Once the page opened I was instantly overwhelmed by seeing the range of items they offer for sale. They have women's clothes, shoes, purses, makeup, and jewelry. I was trying to decide which to go to first. I felt like a kid in a candy store or more appropriately a Tiffany in Makeup Land.

I spent about an hour browsing the site. Many of the items were priced at a mere $4.99. I continuously was adding and deleting items from my cart based on my budget. I read the reviews that were available on the items I wanted to purchase. I felt pretty confident that these were good choices. I couldn't understand the reason I had never heard of this hidden jewel that is 10 Dollar Mall.

These are the items I hauled:

A Dark Hunter Green Ruffle Cardigan - I am a lover of all things cardigan and ruffle. For me this was a no brainer. Cardigans are an essential part of my daily wardrobe.

A Beige Animal Print Cardigan that has an attached black tank - I am also an animal printer lover. This cardigan is free flowing and almost feels like a towel or blanket. My plans are to remove the attached tank. I want to be able to pair this with endless options such as a neon shirt.

An Animal Print Blouse that has a Lace and Pearl Collar - I know this sounds redundant but I am also a lace lover. It screams feminine. This top also has a cute cutout in the back.

An Adorable Beige with Pink Polka Dots Dress - Polka dots and frills are also something I love. A review for this dress said it was a grandma dress. I disagree I think this dress is just my style. This dress has a cute collared top portion and a pleated frill bottom. This would be adorable with some leggings.

A Yellow with White Polka Dots Tote - Yellow is my favorite color so I am not even going to find a better reason for buying this.

A Beige Pair of Heel Boots with a Buckle - I have been obsessed with boots for the past year. The reviews were all great and they expressed that they are comfortable and look expensive. I was sold.

A Pair of Brown Bow Heels - I am obsessed with bows and brown shoes are so versatile. They go with everything!

I also ordered a Yellow Mustard Turtleneck, but I was notified at the time of shipping that it was sold out. I was immediately sad, but hey these things happen. I was refunded the money and even better I received two free gifts for the inconvenience. These were an adorable pair of bow crystal earnings and a cute brown ring with crystal accents.

I believe all of the items I purchased are still available. One last tidbit, the shipping was extremely fast. It only took about two business days. Oh and I didn't even end up buying any NYX :(


Has anyone else purchased from 10 Dollar Mall?

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